Key Rules for Smooth and Effortless Reservation Management

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Feb 4, 2020 5:44:54 PM
Customer Story

Mata Kalamata, Greece

We found ourselves unable to manage incoming reservations in an organised manner, as they were coming in from so many different channels. Whether it was phone calls, emails, messages on our website, texts on Facebook, or walk-ins, trying to record them all manually into one calendar was just too confusing for our busy restaurant.

The Problem​

Chaotic Reservation Management

  • We weren’t able to process all of the reservations smoothly when they were flowing in from all different channels (phone calls, emails, messages on our website, texts on Facebook or walk-in ones).
  • The risk of making mistakes was always high as all of the reservations were being recorded in the notebook by hand. At any time, a mistake could be made with the date and time requested, the client’s name, or the number of people the table was for. Handwriting could sometimes be hard to read, changes to the bookings were messy to mark down, and individual requests were at risk of being forgotten.
  • As our management of the reservations was manual, we found it to be really time-consuming. Answering calls and replying to messages ate into our precious time that we could have been spending on delivering better service to our customers in the dining hall instead!
The Solution

Sophisticated and Automatic Online Reservation System

We started using Tablein, an advanced online reservation system which integrates all of the reservations into one orderly calendar. No additional programming was needed as the system is online and ready to use straight away.

The Result

Organised Reservation Management that Helped to Save Loads of Time

  • Now we can smoothly manage all of our reservations with one tool. Whether the reservations are coming in automatically from our online sources (Facebook, website,, or if we are inserting them ourselves, the Tablein system allows us to see all of the bookings in one calendar. It’s really convenient, smooth and clear!
  • Since we integrated Tablein to our workflow, 87% of all our reservations are now automatically made online. Moreover, the reservation calendar is accessible to all responsible team members so we don’t have to worry about staff being up-to-date after shift changes.
  • Since the management of reservations is now 100% automatic, we save around two hours per day, previously spent on trying to sort out paperwork. Now we can dedicate this time to our guests!
  • The system connects all of the online channels, and the real-time booking situation in the restaurant is always visible. Whether the guest wants to book a table on our website, Facebook or, they can see all of their available options including the times, tables, and other choices that may be relevant. It allows us to avoid unpleasant situations and double bookings are now non-existent.
  • If the guest still wishes to book a table by phone, we can immediately check the online calendar during the call. Our availability is visible on the screen so we can reply to the prospective customer without delay as to whether we can confirm the reservation at their preferred time. Once booked, the exact date, time and table will instantly be blocked off across the whole system. That means that the same date, time and table will immediately become unavailable for another person attempting to make a reservation via Facebook or the website.

Top Tips by Mata Kalamata

  • Encourage your guests to make changes in their reservations online by themselves, so there is no need for them to contact your restaurant! All of the changes are automatic and will be immediately visible in the system for you too.
  • When you start using Tablein, add the free “Book now” button onto your the restaurant’s Facebook profile as soon as you can. It will link customers directly back to the Tablein system, and increase the number of online reservations you receive significantly!
  • Don’t forget your restaurant’s website! Creating a CTA “Book now” button offering the opportunity to book a table online is an absolute must!

Mata Kalamata experience sounds familiar? Handle all the bookings smoothly by implementing advanced Tablein system in your restaurant management.

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